The Walking Dead

9 seasons, 136 episodes
Genre: Apocalyptic, Thriller, Drama, Suspense, Horror,
Network: AMC
Premiere: 30/Oct/2010
Status: New

             The Walking Dead tells the story of the months and years that follow after a zombie apocalypse. It follows a group of survivors, led by police officer Rick Grimes, who travel in search of a safe and secure home.

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  1. Missxstatic says:
    2016-01-26 03:56:03

    I hope these episodes are going to have actual titles. The person who keeps adding extra episodes with no names/titles doesn't return to fix them. What is jossi's go? Rushing in and placing 7.1 as a title is just moronic, lacking in any sense whatsoever. Not only does it annoy people who are searching for certain episodes by name, it annoys all of us who watch it!! You don't get paid for adding anything on this website. So what is the actual point of doing it?

    • Dukepw says:
      2016-03-09 08:28:14

      I totally agree with you. It is absurd. I wish there was a way to delete them after they are listed. But from what I can see there is not. I am sorry we have to endure this nonsense tho.

    • ADMIN says:
      2016-04-29 19:07:03

      Hi, this was actually done not with the intention to add links but via an auto posting tool which unforunately adds future episodes as well. So, just an honest mistake that can be easily fixed.

Reviews for “The Walking Dead”

  1. Neutral reviewHavocSoldier says:
    2016-01-26 04:30:59

    where's the links?

    Review-> The Walking DeadS07E01 - The Day Will Come When You Won't Be

    why are there so many unnamed episodes and no links? why put on episodes if you aren't going to supply anything else? what idiot did that and why? trying to fool us, you look like the fool instead!

    • ADMIN says:
      2013-09-17 18:21:38

      Please go ahead and make corrections as you wish. You have been granted the rights to do so.

      • HavocSoldier says:
        2016-01-26 04:32:45

        that was a fast response, i was still waiting for the post to be submitted.

    • Missxstatic says:
      2016-01-26 05:00:27

      7.1: Two: The group wonders if survival can be enough to live in this world; Anthony wants to find a home for the group.

    • Missxstatic says:
      2016-01-26 05:00:52

      7.2: Plant: The group settles down as Anthony gets to know some newcomers; something leads the group out of the new camp.

    • Missxstatic says:
      2016-01-26 05:01:33

      %u2022 7.3: Dog Off The Leash: A new character uses sheer brutality to enforce rules; Anthony fears that the group is in danger. %u2022 7.4: Heartless: Imminent danger threatens the group; Anthony secretly makes an escape plan.

    • Missxstatic says:
      2016-01-26 05:02:43

      - 7.5: Hounds: A new threat pressures the group, who are on the run; a new characters backstory is revealed; tensions arise at the new camp. - 7.6: Wrong Place, Wrong Time: Days after the events of S07E05, the group goes on a run; a mistake happens that puts a characters life in danger.

    • Missxstatic says:
      2016-01-26 05:03:51

      There's the first 6 titles to help you out. I have the remaining 14 titles also. But didn't want to add too much, as it may look like some sort of spam.

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